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In Between Counselling helps you to connect with yourself and find your own ‘inner home’.

In Between Counselling helps you connect with yourself and find your inner ‘home’.

Moving to another country is a major life changing event. You leave behind everything that you are familiar with and start anew. This involves a transition, finding your position between your old and new environments and their cultures. How can you go through this transition so that you feel at home in your new world?

Some people find it hard to succeed in this process, even after having lived in their new environment for decades. The process of transitioning can leave scars. Even being a child of parents in this process can leave its marks.

The key to transitioning well is finding a home within yourself. In Between Counselling helps you to (re)connect with yourself and find your inner home.

“I help people deal with the emotional consequences of a move to another country, either their own moves or their parents. Sometimes a transition is unsuccessful and leaves behind scars. I help people connect with themselves, enabling them to find their own inner home”.

Alize Roos

Individual counselling

1-on-1 counselling for anyone who has moved to another country or whose parents have moved to another country.

Effective communication

Training for anyone who has moved to another country or whose parents have moved to another country. Do you sometimes feel that people don’t understand you or that you don’t understand others? This is our focus during the training.


I have migrated

Moving to a different country can take a toll on someones life. In all aspects, you are starting your life all over again. You don’t always realize beforehand how big of an impact your move has. After a while you know how things work in your new country and it looks like you’re settling in.

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My parents have migrated

One or both of your parents come from a different country. This is noticeable because you may have family in different countries, or because you grew up with different food, music or other family traditions. You’re familiar with small or big aspects of another culture, and you were different than other children when growing up.

Maybe this is a deeper issue than you have realized up till now?

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I grew up abroad

You grew up abroad. Your parents are from one country but you’ve lived in another country for a shorter or longer time. You are back ‘home’. Or so people like to think. On the outside there are many similarities, but on the inside there is a world of different experiences.

What does this mean to you?

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I live abroad

You are living abroad, realizing your dreams for education or work experience. You don’t want to miss this opportunity for development and contributing to society. Especially because you get to see something of the world and gain international experience in the process.

After a while, you see the downside of the experience.

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About me

I was born and raised between cultures.

I grew up with stories and pictures, unspoken melancholy and feeling like I was always in a balancing act. I grew up in between mementos, different traditions and habits, sudden switches in language, different decorations and the smells of cooking at my grandparents house.

“Because Alize helped me to look at myself, I was able to deal with myself better.”


You can contact me by sending an email, by phoning me or by sending me a message in the form below.