My parents have migrated

One or both of your parents come from an other country. This is noticeable because you may have family in different countries, or because you grew up with different food, music or other family traditions. You’re familiar with small or big aspects of another culture, and you were different than other children when growing up.

Maybe this is a deeper issue than you have realized up till now?

Does this sound familiar?

You often feel different than others, misunderstood or insecure.


You’re not sure how to behave and to which culture you belong.


You have the feeling you’re lacking the ability to function well in the country you live in.

You experience tension between you and your parent(s): they have different ways of doing things or you experience a loyalty conflict.

If you are struggling with some of the issues mentioned above, you may find it helpful to talk to someone about this. It can be your first step to a different future, one in which you feel at home within yourself.

“I have learned to take care of myself instead of only taking care of others. I was unable to do so because I was always taking care of my parents and dealing with the sorrow they had about their migration”.


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