I have migrated

Moving to a different country can take a toll on someones life. In all aspects, you are starting your life all over again. You don’t always realize beforehand how big of an impact your move has. After a while you know how things work in your new country and it looks like you’re settling in.

Even though it might still feel different on the inside.

Does this sound familiar?

You don’t feel at home in the country you live in now, and you feel like a spectator more often than you’d like.

You feel like there are certain abilities the country you live in now expects you to have, which you don’t.


You’re not sure how to behave and which culture you belong to.

You often feel different than other people, or you feel misunderstood or insecure.

You have difficulty raising your children in a culture that differs from your own.

Emotionally arriving in a country is not the same as physically arriving.

If you are struggling with some of the issues mentioned above, you may find it helpful to talk to someone about this. It can be your first step to a different future, one in which you feel at home within yourself.

“I have always felt torn between the Netherlands and Nicaragua, even though I have been living here for over 20 years. After talking with Alize, I made a new start in the Netherlands: I was able to firmly live in one country.”


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