About me

In between cultures
I am Alize Roos, I was born in 1962 in the United States. I was born and raised between cultures. I grew up in the midst of stories and pictures, (unpronounced) melancholy and a feeling of always being involved in a balancing act. Amidst mementos, different habits, a different language into which could suddenly be switched, different decorations and cooking smells at my grandparents’.

My father was a repatriant: he was 23 years old when he arrived in the Netherlands from the Dutch Indies. He was forced to: the Dutch Indies were no longer safe for him due to the changing political climate. My parents were remigrants form the United States of America, the country where I was born. These tangible lines with ‘there and then’, as well as my being born in the USA, have coloured my life.

I also grew up in between cultures within my family. Since I wasn’t aware of these cultural differences, this brought about tension and uncertainty.

Although I am now quite happy with it, at the time I really suffered the disadvantages of my attachment to more than one culture. I needed a quest to find clarity and inner balance. I would never have dreamed that from this situation my passion would arise: helping you and others who live in between cultures to come home to themselves, in order to function better in their surroundings.

My background is broad: I completed a Clinical Pedagogics course at Utrecht University as well as some coaching courses. I keep up to date by doing advanced training and workshops. Beside this I take part in intervision and supervision groups.

Key words
Some key words to describe myself with: people’s person, good analytical skills, involved and empathetic, calm, respectful, open minded, eager to learn.